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Notice for Winter Vocation of eBLCU


1. Duration of the winter vocation:
1) The vocation for the staffs lasts form Jan.24, 2013 to Feb.24, 2013. During this period, students can get inquiring service via email.
2) The vocation for all the students of degree program lasts from Jan.18, 2013 to March 10, 2013. The new semester will begin on March 11, 2013.

2. Arrangement during the vocation:
1) The website of eBLCU (www.eblcu.com) runs as regular.
2) The students of degree program can continue to learn the coursewares of last semester to March 10, 2013. Those who have paid the tuition fee of next semester can preview the coursewares of next semester.
3) The students who have problems with course selecting, learning, paying, techniques, etc. can send email to eblcu@blcu.edu.cn or echinese@blcu.edu.cn. There will be teachers replying in time.
4) The deferred and makeup exams for the last semester will be taken 1-2 weeks before the next semester. The exact date will be informed later.

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