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Enterprise Chinese Training:Your Boss Pays for Your Chinese Class


There are many ways to expand your company’s business in China and one of ways is to arm you or your employees with a good command of Chinese.  
Either your company is located within or outside China, our online Chinese courses will reach you fast and efficiently.
Enterprise Chinese training program is characterized as "common Chinese + professional Chinese + Chinese culture", of which the Chinese culture could be taught in English. The program customizes specialized training for working adults and personalized courses for executives with high quality and diverse learning modes. Having learned a series of courses of the program, foreign employees of enterprises can make not only daily but also business communication in Chinese, and understand Chinese culture in addition, so as to better adapt to living and working in China and to better promote their enterprise’s cooperation with Chinese people and Chinese enterprises.
If you are interested in letting your company pay for your Chinese Class, please let us know.
Tel: 8610-82300172
Email: guyandong@blcu.edu.cn


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