Customized One-on-one Live Classes
1. Target students

1) Learners with personalized learning needs for Chinese culture;

2) Learners or cultural scholars who hope to discuss cross-cultural issues with Chinese.

2. Learning Mode
Live class is the main way and supplemented by video learning materials and Q& A tutoring.
3. Features
  • The learning content is completely tailor-made according the learner's needs.
  • Learners can high-frequently interact with teachers in the live class.
  • Learners can choose between English and Chinese to be taught.
4. Prices(RMB/yuan)
Live Classes Taught in English Taught in Chinese
10 hr 3500(350/hr) 2500(250/hr)
15 hr 4950(330/hr) 3450(230/hr)
20 hr 6000(300/hr) 4000(200/hr)

Each live class lasts 50 minutes.

5. Contact us
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