Student Testimonials
岚馨 from Thailand
Manager of Import and Export Trading Company
This course has helped me a lot. After studying 2 Levels, my Chinese speaking skills have great improvement. Now I can talk to my Chinese customers fluently with the sentences I have learned. The teachers are very patient and help me revise my homework every week.
Business Chinese
Stephen from United States of America
Staffer at an American Bank
The good classroom atmosphere and abundant interactive exercises have improved our learning effect, and teachers can make targeted explanations and exercises according to the specific learning situation of each of us. My colleagues obviously feel that my spoken Chinese has made great progress.
General Chinese
Mo Hu from United Kingdom
Chinese language teacher
The curriculum content is practical. From basic theory to classroom teaching methods, it is a good entry process for beginners like me, and a process of checking and improving for workers who are engaged in Chinese international education.
International Chinese Teacher Training Program
Alaura from United States of America
University student
Ruby from Canada
Student in a primaray school
Both of my children are learning Chinese from eBLCU teachers. They used to resist other classes, but they said they liked this class. The teacher is very patient, and the designed teaching activities are very interesting, which easily attracts children's attention. Children's Chinese listening, speaking and reading abilities have made great progress, and the most important thing is that they are willing to take the initiative to learn.
Chinese for Children and Youth
Serrano from Chile
Employee of WHO World Health Organization
Contemporary Chinese national conditions and culture is a good course in all aspects. The teacher's explanation and analysis are objective and rational, with an international perspective, so that we can better understand China and the Chinese people. The topics discussed in the course are also very practical, and I can better understand the topics about China affairs in my work. This course is spoken in English. I have no obstacles in learning it, but I even want to challenge myself to learn Chinese after learning it.
Contemporary China and Chinese Culture
妮卡 from Greece
The online calligraphy course is great for any overseas learners to expands his/her knowledge on the history of Chinese characters, learns how to write and be precise in writing, cultivates and improves his/her skills in hand writng by using the brush and ink, and indeed, enhances his/her attitudes such as patience, perfection, and in-detail performance. The whole course is well-organized by adopting an online learning method. I hope to continue learning Chinese calligraphy with you as it is a unique experience of learning and 'traveling’ in the world of Chinese characters and culture.
Traditional Culture
Cleach from United States of America
Chinese language teacher in an university
Stephen from United States of America
Chinese language teacher
– Stephen from US The Beijing Language and Culture University Chinese teacher training program is the most professional online program I have participated in. The professors possess a high degree of professionalism with well-organized course content, clear and detailed narratives, and very methodically prepared course materials. Audio and video are amongst the highest quality as well. As a working student, such online courses are the best fit for me. All the videos have transcripts that can be viewed multiple times and with transcripts that are available for download. In terms of the exams, I like the way the students are able to receive immediate feedback after submission. I am also impressed by the professor’s teaching concepts, particularly the way they advocate a free-will environment during class. I found the lecturers excellent, sharing comprehensive and profound understanding in contemporary teaching methodology, all of which are encompassed in the professor’s teaching styles. It gives me hope for the future development of China.
International Chinese Teacher Training Program
Razia from Pakistan
Bank Relationship Manager
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