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You can use eBLCU.com’s top bar menu or the search tool to find courses that fit your interests.
When you find a course or program you're interested in, click the title to learn more about the course or program.
From the information page, you can enroll in that course or program.

Browse the Top Bar Menu
We offer a rich variety of programs on Chinese language, Chinese culture, and Chinese teacher training. You can access the program or course information page by hovering over the headings and then clicking the program title from the drop-down menu.
Search for a Course
If you know the topic or title of the course you're interested in, you can use the search bar at the top of any page.
Contact the Course Consultant
If you're not sure what course you should take, or which level of the course to take, you can ask a course consultant for help. She will help you develop a learning plan to your needs and current level. You can click on "Consultant" or “Email” on the right side bar of the website to contact the consultant by WeChat or email.


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