Optional topic courses
1.Target Learners
Foreigners who are interested in one or some topics of Chinese culture.
2.Learning mode
Recorded videos + Live classes, supplemented by personalized Q & A tutoring.
3.Course Features
  • The live classes are based on discussion and answering questions, focusing to solve personalized cultural problems and learning needs.
  • The live classes are available in both English-taught and Chinese-taught options.
  • The recorded videos are taught in English or in Chinese with English subtitles.
  • Course learning is based on recorded classes and multimedia learning materials, supplemented by live classes.
4.Topic Selection Process
Select the cultural topic(s) you want to learn from the list of cultural topics below, and we will make a personalized learning solution for you according to the cultural topics you chose, including the learning plans for the recorded videos and the the live classes.
Select cultural topic(s) → Fill in your e-mail address → Submit → Confirm your learning plan with the course consultant → Pay the tuition → Start learning
Amount of Topics Amount of Live Class Sessions Taught in English Taught in Chinese
1 1 350(350/hr) 250(250/hr)
3 3 900(300/hr) 630(210/hr)
6 6 1680(280/hr) 1170(195/hr)
10 10 2500(250/hr) 1600(160/hr)
  • Recorded Videos and multimedia materials for each topic are at least 50 minutes in length.
  • Each live session is 50 minutes in length.
7.Optional Topics
Topics of Cultural Knowledge
History and Geography
Politics and Economy
Art and Literature
The Mergence of Foreign and Chinese Literature
Philosophy and Religion
The Chinese Way and The Belt and Road Initiative
Chinese Language, Characters and Culture
Intangible cultural heritage
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Food and Drink Culture
Get to Know China Through a Few Iconic Dishes
Chinese Clothing
Peking Opera Art
Bronze Culture
Popular Culture
Festivals and Customs
Marriage and Family
Human Relations and Social Network
The Do's and Don'ts of Social Interaction
Professional Culture
The Enterprise Structure and Management
Business Communication Style
Negotiations and Agreement
The Do's and Don'ts of Professional Interaction
Topics of Cultural Skills
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Painting
Learn to cook Chinese Food
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