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About BLCU

About BLCU

Beijing Language and Culture University ("BLCU") was established in 1962 and is a key university directly under the Ministry of Education of China. BLCU, known as “Little United Nations”, is the only university of its kind in China that specializes in offering Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students. Meanwhile, BLCU provides professional courses in various fields, such as foreign languages, Chinese language, information science, economics, arts, psychology, pedagogy, linguistics and other majors to Chinese students. In addition, BLCU shoulders the responsibilities of training Chinese teachers and supplies language courses designed for those who plan to study abroad.

60 years of development has made BLCU a multidisciplinary university that featured in language and culture education and research, a significant academic center for Chinese and foreign language and culture studies, and the cradle for advanced international talents in China.

BLCU has kept its distinguishing features and advantages in the field of Chinese international education; meanwhile, new and related disciplines have been developed as well. BLCU’s current disciplines are composed of nine categories: literature, economics, law, engineering, history, pedagogy, management, fine arts and science, and has formed a complete system for personnel cultivation.

Along with the expansion of China’s international cooperation and exchanges, BLCU has also built a tighter and broader connection with the world. BLCU has established partnership with over 386 universities and educational institutions in 75 countries and regions, and has formed a productive international education pattern with all-around, multi-level and wide-ranging features.

Since its founding, the university has trained some 220,000 foreign students who are proficient in Chinese and familiar with Chinese culture from 189 countries and regions. Many alumni have become celebrities in various fields such as education, politics and business.

About BLCU Online Education College

The Online Education College of Beijing Language and Culture University ("BLCU Online Education College"), established in December 2000, is the only institution in BLCU that specializes in the modern distance education for Chinese and foreign students. The college has two departments, which are the domestic department and the Chinese language department. The domestic department focuses on the degree programs and training programs in China, and the Chinese language department, taking eBLCU.com as its main teaching platform, focuses on cross-border distance Chinese international education and international promotion of Chinese culture, and is devoted to cultivating international talents characterized by "speaking Chinese, understanding China and supporting China's development".

Up to now, the college has trained some 8,000 overseas paid students from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. In December 2019, the Online Chinese International Education teaching team of the College was selected as "2019 High-level Teaching Team of Continuing Education in Beijing universities". In January 2021, the college officially passed the on-site audit of quality management system certification and obtained ISO 9001: 2015 and IQ.Net quality management system certification certificates issued by China Quality Certification Center.

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