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Ordering Food in Chinese

2024-01-07 (Sunday)18:00~ 19:00


Angela Chen

Free Open Class for General Graded Chinese(HSK1-5). 20% OFF New Year Promotion. The BLCU General Graded Chinese(HSK1-5) course is offering a 20% discount to students who sign up before January 14th.
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Ordering Food in Chinese
2024-01-07 (Sunday)
18:00~ 19:00
How to Find Chinese Customers and Build Relationships?
2023-12-23 (Saturday)
18:00~ 19:00
4 Chinese Sentences to Use When Meeting a Client for the First Time
2023-09-23 (Saturday)
18:00~ 19:00
How do you discuss the contract terms in Chinese
2022-12-10 (Saturday)
20:00~ 21:00
The Blind Men and the Elephant
2022-09-29 (Thursday)
20:00~ 21:00
Cultural Identity and Cultural Conflicts
2023-11-13 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
Intercultural Conflict and Solution
2023-10-30 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
Understand China's Economy from a History Prospective
2023-10-23 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
Chinese Food, Delicacies and Tradition
2023-10-09 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
How to Handle Workplace Relationship with the Tradtional Chinese Thoughts
2023-09-04 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
China's Modern Transportation
2023-07-24 (Monday)
20:00~ 21:30
How should you do to become a Chinese Teacher
2022-09-17 (Saturday)
20:00~ 21:00


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